What Is Levoplant™?

Consider Levoplant™ as the wingwoman and partner that allows you to focus on your daily activities while enjoying sex free from worry about pregnancy. It is a set of two small, soft, feeling like elastic, contraceptive implants.

Levoplant™ gives you protection for up to 3 years, and as a reliable partner you can count on, it is over 99% effective! How does it work? It is inserted in your upper arm, a 10 minutes-ish procedure done by a healthcare provider, and it releases a hormone called levonorgestrel (or the freedom sex hormone for those in the know…) which prevents pregnancy.

Choosing Levoplant™ as your
next contraception has a few benefits

Long lasting

Effective within 24 hours of insertion

Limited side effects

Low cost procedure

Almost immediate return to fertility after removal

Does not interfere with daily activities

No routine return visit is required until time of removal

Every product regularly tested

In short, Levoplant™ is one of the most effective contraception available that offers you long-term but reversible contraception. If you are willing to dig into the motherhood adventure, whether it is for the first time or not, you can simply remove it.