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Although Levoplant™ is safe for almost all women, there can be some contraindications for the use of contraceptive implants, like having history of breast cancer. Please make sure with your doctor that contraceptive implants are a suitable solution for you. You can also find here all contraindications for Levoplant™ contraceptive implants.

Levoplant™ is a set of two small rods that offers you protection from pregnancy – they are extremely safe and 99% effective. Levoplant™ is inserted subdermally in your arm and releases a hormone called levonorgestrel which prevents pregnancy.

Both are a very quick procedure that lasts less than 10 minutes. Basically, a trained healthcare provider (usually a nurse or your doctor) will insert it subdermally under the skin of your upper arm. There is no need for general anesthesia, only local. After insertion, you don’t need any control visit before removal 3 years after, except if you suspect being pregnant.

Like any other implant, it can happen. However, it’s extremely rare. In case of any doubt, please reach out to your doctor.

After the insertion of Levoplant™, most commonly women will have irregular lighter bleeding which usually resolves itself. Some women continue to have monthly bleeding while others no longer have their periods after 1 year of usage; in much less cases, women can also have heavier bleeding but it’s usually short-term.

Implants can cause temporary mood swings in the first few months, but they could very occasionally be associated with depression. If you think the implant is having an effect on your mental health consult your doctor.

Like other hormonal methods of contraception implants may lower a woman’s overall risk of cancer. There may be a very small increase in risk of breast cancer but the overall risk of breast cancer in women using hormonal contraception is very low. Women can decrease the risk of breast cancer such as getting more exercise, limiting alcohol intake and breastfeeding. (from American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2022)

Like any hormonal contraception , weight gain is a possible side effect. However, there is no counterindication for using Levoplant™ for women with higher BMI (Body Mass Index). If it’s higher, there is a possibility that Levoplant™ became slightly less effective over the duration of its use. As a precaution, women weighing over 80 kg may want to have their implants replaced earlier.