Who is your sexual alter ego?

How many TV shows have you watched and imagined yourself as one of the characters? Was it Serena or Carrie, or maybe Samantha? Do you know that many people deal with trembling sexual confidence? There is a way to overcome sexual confidence issues by creating an alter ego.

The alter ego is the part of someone’s personality that is not usually seen by other people. For example, Superman is Clark Kent’s alter ego. Why should you create a sexual alter-ego? There are two principal reasons to create an alter ego: to help you overcome your lack of sexual confidence or to bring novelty to your relationship. If you have body issues or are struggling to bring a sexual fantasy to life, an alter ego will be very useful. The purpose of an alter ego is to camouflage your real self by embodying your persona. Which, having been outlined by you, won’t have insecurities or inhibitions. It’s a bit like when you dress up for Halloween and behave like your character—you are more adventurous and bold. After all, it’s not you, right? It’s all about the character.

By creating an alter ego, you’ll be able to explore and try things you always wanted but couldn’t make yourself do. Now, you’re going to put that responsibility on your alter ego. She won’t feel uncomfortable or shamed. Your alter ego will be an escape. It will allow you to leave your anxieties and insecurities behind.

Being someone you usually aren’t is undoubtedly a way to spice up your relationship. Also, because you’re not “yourself”, you will ask and do things you usually don’t. Or you’ll feel empowered to attend your partner’s request—the one you want to do but don’t feel confident enough to fulfill. With your alter ego, you can also engage in role-playing.

You should know in advance what your alter ego will do, so you can be prepared for what’s coming. If you want your alter ego to be a master of dirty talk, you must first read about it and train it (it’s already in your persona’s skin; more on this later). Take into consideration all the ideas that come into your mind. Try to answer them without your insecurities or fears—without pushing yourself too far from your comfort zone. This is supposed to be a fun and positive experience. You might know exactly how you want your persona to look, but if not, you can get inspired on the internet by browsing on Pinterest or Twitter.

It is also important to say that your persona doesn’t have to be much different from you. You build it as you feel it needs to be. The purpose of your alter ego is to allow you to let go of your insecurities and inhibitions. That can happen with an elaborate persona or just with internal work. Do whatever works for you. Don’t be shy with your ideas. LevoplantTM is here to help you with your sexual adventures.

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