What to know when choosing a contraception method?

The first thing you should do to choose a contraceptive is asking yourself the following questions: What is more important for you: convenience or cost? What about how well it works? Only abstinence is 100% effective, but some methods come close if you use them right.

,Imagine yourself in a health facility filling a questionnaire. Do you want to have children someday? How soon? Do you have any health conditions? How often do you have sex? How many sex partners do you have? Do you also need protection from HIV and other STDs? How well does the birth control method work? Are there any side effects? Will you be able to use it correctly every time? Everything matters and counts so be honest when answering.

,There isn’t one method of birth control that is right for everyone. Each type of birth control has pros and cons. Different methods of birth control work in different ways. Some hormonal methods work better than others, and some take more effort to use. For example, you have to take birth control pills every day — but once an implant is in place, it lasts for up to 3 years. These methods don’t protect you or your sex partner from STDs. But you can use condoms to help protect against STDs while using hormonal birth control. If you have a regular partner (if you are in a long-term and trusted relationship), you can both get tested for STDs, and once you know that both of you are fine, you won’t need a condom anymore, only contraception to prevent pregnancy.

,Condom is a type of barrier contraceptive method. Barrier methods work by preventing the sperm from getting to the egg. If you choose it, you will need to have it with you or check your partner, every time you are going to have sex. In some situations, it can be difficult or not safe enough. In case of emergency, there is also a contraceptive method.

,Emergency contraception or “morning after pill” is used, for example, if you forgot to take your pill, if the condom broke during the intercourse, or if you simply had unprotected sex. You’ll need to go to a pharmacy, ask for the emergency pill and take it as soon as possible within 5 days after the unprotected sex. The sooner, the better.

,If you or your partner are 100% sure that you don’t want children — or don’t want any more children, there is an irreversible option: sterilization. It is a permanent method of birth control. In men, it is called a vasectomy. For women, it’s called tubal ligation. This method is very radical so you have to be sure about it.

,Knowing all of this, it can be said that a hormonal implant such as Levoplant is one of the most suitable contraceptive methods for a modern woman. It’s long-lasting, very effective, low cost, very convenient, and adapted to almost every woman. However, like any other hormonal method, you can experience some side effects (see what to expect with Levoplant) and won’t protected from STDs.

,On another hand, it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities and there is no routine visit to your doctor required until the time of removal. This method is reversible as you will return to fertility almost immediately after removal. If you are looking for a contraceptive, consider Levoplant as your trusted lovelife partner!For more information on contraception methods, you can check our friend’s website: https://findmymethod.org/find-my-method/

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