Self-made women share 7 keys to success

Just looking at the incredible stories of some women will help you realize that all you need is an idea, some inspiration, and the drive to push yourself to get things done. Do you feel like it’s time to do something powerful and be the boss of your own life? Here are the tips of successful women that they agreed to share:

Secret number one comes from Miki Agrawal, (co)-founder of three successful companies. Her concept is simple: “Be who you are and question the things that don’t seem to make sense”. Her advice is as easy as her attitude: “Just do something!”

Ok, at first, it may seem hard and your doubts may take the upper side. But making every single day small steps towards your future life really changes the game. One step at a time, you’re going to reach your final destination, as long as you keep visualizing it.

The next secret is in observing things with fresh, childlike eyes. It means questioning common things in life that no adult would ever think about. Try to remember your childhood, how creative and curious you used to be then. So maybe some of your ideas could grow into a business plan.

This secret comes from Delia Fischer (Westwing Company): “Success is made by many, not all by yourself”. Persisting on doing all by yourself can lead to a lack of quality and professionalism, which can further harm your success. This is why you need a dream team to help you on your way up. Never forget to get other’s opinion, and inspiration from them.

The same idea is also shared by Claudia Helming. She says: “You don’t have to know everything. The key is rather to come in touch with the right professional people who can do these tasks for you”.

The female entrepreneur Arianna Huffington is one of the most successful women in the world. Her major secret for success is to take a step back, unplug, recharge, and renew yourself if it is necessary. And this secret is always helpful when you feel burned out.

Kathryn Minshew, co-founder and CEO of the career platform “The Muse”, admitted that persistence and the ability to find a way around any obstacle mainly contributed to her success. Her secret is to find a way to make the things work that you are passionate about. Find solutions to make them work, and stick to your objectives, hard work pays off. Trust yourself.

The next advice comes again from Kathryn Minshew: “Do not try to be someone else’s version of what success looks like”. You don’t have to change your style, image, or personality, just because you think this is how you should be if you want to be successful. Looking at the other people you lose your personality.

The female entrepreneur Morgan DeBaun is the founder of “Blavity“, an online platform created by and for black millennials. People said that the target group is too small or that the name sounds weird. Even experienced people criticized the idea and predicted its failure. But she didn’t stop. And soon she realized that best innovations are often a little weird and that this should not be a reason for stopping the project.

So, as you can see, success doesn’t come suddenly. The way up may seem long and hard, but there is nothing on your way except your inner fears. Be strong and never give up! But most importantly – TRUST YOURSELF! We all have something to bring to the society, our uniqueness makes it possible. Give it a shot.

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