“To Do” list before you want to get pregnant

Life is so short and you will never be that young, curious, and full of energy again. It’s your “me time” to do what you want and live your life to the fullest. There are so many wonderful things to enjoy before you jump into the motherhood experience. So, are you ready? Let’s go

First of all, you’ll definitely need to get to know yourself. Who are you? What are you dreaming of? What kind of things can please you? What would you like to improve about yourself? Answering all these questions will help you go further.

Then you should gather all your girls and go traveling. Not saying you can’t do this after you get pregnant, but there’s something especially liberating and bond-building about doing it beforehand. Also, you are free to choose any destination or complicated route. It is the right time to see amazing places all around the world. By the way, you should also travel alone at least once before. This is the best way to learn the inner part of your mind.

Hang out with your mom. Go out shopping together, have dinner dates or spend time just lying in her lap, we guarantee you are going to miss being with her. This is going to be your flashback as a child before you’ll have your own kids.

Live with a roommate, who is not a part of your family. People say that they had the best time of their lives living with friends. Nothing beats this experience plus you learn a lot of things like managing your room, food, expenses, etc. It is going to be a fun ride!

Try to face one of your biggest fears. It can be paragliding, skydiving, water sports, or dancing on the stage alone. Maybe you are scared of sharks, so go feed them. It could be even as simple as petting a dog in case you’re scared of it.

Love yourself! These days, some people suffer from low self-confidence and self-appreciation. It is very important to love yourself first before you start loving another human being. Once you start treating yourself with love, you will realize how special you are. This will help you to understand that you do not have to settle for anything less than you deserve. Wake up every morning with a smile on your face and stay determined to do at least one thing every single day that makes you happy.

Play with your style. Carry out all your fashion experiments before you become an honorable mom of the family. Long hair, blue hair, tattoos, piercings, whatever it is – do it right away. You never know what happens in the future. So get all your fashion wishes fulfilled.

Have you completed any from this list?

In a few words, liberate yourself, experiment, try new things, no one is dependent on you except yourself yet. Be at the core of your own life!

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